1. mattandmarti

    Video Review: Transitions and Effects, Should I be adding more?

    Hi all, we have been travel vlogging for a couple of months now and progress is slow but steady. Whilst we have been working on improving our content in terms of flow and audio quality with each video, one thing I keep experimenting with is scene transitions (especially in my into) and general...
  2. TheAllSenses

    Video review request (transitions, educational)

    Hi, The purpose of the video was to give a quick idea about a few specifies (25) that a person could see if he/she visits the Aquarium of Paris. I intend to make similar videos, so I would like to have your feedback concerning : Do you find that the transitions I used fit well the video ? How...
  3. fatfrog


    I just edited my first video and the transitions look??? Weird? is this something that comes with practice or is there a good strategy? :) :)
  4. M3CHAN1SM

    Request Looking For A Woosh Sound For Transition

    I need a free, quick and LOUD woosh or swoosh sound for putting into transitions such as the ones that MumboJumbo and Welsknight use!
  5. Freshly Finished

    New Transition Styles

    Hey everyone, I recently have started to take into account my transitions a LOT more these days, you can see what I am talking about in the video signature. However, what I am wondering is, if anyone here has any tips or tricks to making their transitions, any plug ins that you love to use or...
  6. S

    Transitions for Camtasia

    Hi, I'd like to get few links where I can get some free camtasia transitions.. I've been looking for it for awhile but I can't find any. Any help will be highly appreciated