1. A

    I'm looking for more visual effects for my horror story telling videos

    Where can I find some transition effects like those in the video below or some other spooky effects? I'm using Camtasia 9. As a beginner, I would appreciate any advice!
  2. H

    How to add in/out fade animation to all images/video layers at once ?

    Hi Guys, This is my first post here, forgive me if i posted in a wrong section or if my question is a silly one. I create videos by joining images .Currently i am using kinemaster where i add a background, then add all the images as layers and give them in and out animations (fade) to make the...
  3. bluidguy

    Hitfilm 4 Express double transitions

    In HitFilm 4 Express, if you accidentally put two full Linear Wipe Transitions, you get the effect of a black screen being wiped between the two clips. I ended up watching several videos and basically with the help of someone else I was posting back and forth with on a Facebook group pretty much...
  4. RayKing45

    My YTtalk Debute

    Okay, I'll be a brave soul and just hope nobody loses their minds about me or my channel. I'm doing this, to perhaps give others courage to do the same. I can see why people like myself may be undercover on this site, but I'm just not a closet type of guy. Yes, I have seen plenty crap-talk...
  5. RayKing45

    My Journey ... No Haters, Please!

    This is the 2nd vid on my channel (1st is in my signature), and although there are people running all over YTtalk who are phobic and love to voice their opinions, I'm going to take a chance and put mine in here. I can't even find this topic on YTtalk, so I'll be a pioneer and a risk-taker...
  6. O

    Request Smooth Intro transition

    Hello! My Name is OhWell and i have a YouTube channel with 780+ Subs! I promote music daily to help artist get their music know! I'm looking to change up my template and add in a smooth intro! Some Intros i like are Koloa Kontrol & Wave Music If you interested, please contact me at...