toy reviews

  1. Captain Vernon

    HELP!! New Playing and Learning Channel Advice Needed!

    Help!!! We posted our first video 1 month ago. Posted 3 more (including channel trailer) since and stuck at 57 subs and 410 views. Watched 1000 hours of how to reach 10,000 views videos and read articles about how to promote your channel but they pretty much all say the same thing. Create...
  2. 3kidstv

    Toy Train For Kids - Battery Powered Train

    Thanks for watching, subscribe and like! Thanks
  3. Danny Petsis

    100 Subscribers!

    We are very thrilled that after our recent Giveaway Contest we hit 100 Subscribers! Currently we are at 120 and growing every day. Its been a fun ride so far and we will continue to post 3 videos a week to keep our subscribers and newcomers coming back for more toy fun! Thanks all for...
  4. Ryan McMackin

    Playtime with Ayden - "Gumball Surprise" - Episode #4

    Just wanted to share one of the 3D Animations I designed and created for my little son Ayden's Youtube channel. He was very proud to do the voice-overs for his Gumball animation:) I'll be posting new 3D animations from timte to time in this section to share with the animators community.
  5. Ryan McMackin

    Playtime with Ayden - "Baseball Blast" - Episode #1

    Just wanted to share our first episode. Ayden goes on a baseball adventure at the park and hits a home run!
  6. Derrick Toys

    Hi! Starting Kids channel Need Advice :)

    Hi YouTube! I just created a kids channel for my 3 yr old son Derrick with his little sister Collette. A few videos uploaded so far about what he loves like playing with toys, vlogging our weekly fun adventures, etc. Any advice how to get better with vlogging?