1. M

    Other Looking to start a podcast!

    Hey guys, I've really wanted to start a podcast for a while. I want to discuss whatever's relevant at the time, you'll have a say in this as well. I'm looking for mature people, no squeakers. I need you around for 1 video (45mins?) a week or so. If you join this expect you'll be bonding...
  2. A

    New here, greetings from Barcelona!

    Good afternoon everyone! I'm writing this post due that I'm new and I want to create a new YouTube Channel related with people/blogs. My idea is to create a story between 2 people (guy and girl) with a relationship in a distance. I would like to find some girl that could be interested to...
  3. S

    Gaming Anyone want to collaborate

    Must Post similar content as me and have 60+ subs message me on PS4 my psn is FlawLeSSHunts thanks I have more games than I post.
  4. DaftsquadJosh

    Gaming Looking For English Gamers To Join YouTube Group

    PC AND PS4. im not a racist just need english speaking people. playing minecraft, gta 5, gmod. MUST HAVE: recording software/capture card, professional editing software (sony vegas/premiere pro or whatever something like that fool!), BE FUNNY. loyal, discord. Register in comments like dis...
  5. M

    Meet Up/Gathering Would You Collaborate With Me On Youtube?

    I need someone to collaborate with me on youtube...if you are ready then reply with any of your social chat or watever username lets talk and plan then we make some subs...
  6. MangoDude


    Hey so i am looking for someone i can play games with, Record videos and we can basically grow together on youtube. I am currently on 126 subscribers 14+ years old please We can play games like GTA V, Garry's Mod, CS:GO, And many other games And decent audio and video :D
  7. MagicallyMusical

    Music Music Collab Channel?

    Hey! I tried to make a music collab channel once before on here, but people lost interest due to the time it took. If you're into potentially posting a music related video once a month or so, I want to make a music channel with you! Your main channel can be featured on the collab channel, put...
  8. illusima

    Gaming Pc&Xbox gaming group

    Hello! My name is Brandon, but you can call me Illusima. I just started my Youtube channel, and have a channel trailer up on what i wan't to be doing in the future with my channel, weather it is on PC or Console, but for now i wan't to stick with PC because i do not have anything to record with...
  9. F

    Gaming Finding youtubers to collaborate with...

    hey guys I'm flatmanflat and I do a lot of gaming videos and try my best to make good content on my YouTube, my YouTube is quite small however I'm only newly made and also do a lot of twitch as well with 127 followers, I do games from Minecraft all the way to call of duty, so if you interested...
  10. H

    Gaming Hey ex youtuber looking to get back in

    Hey >;c I am a youtuber my old channel had about 2000 subs, started a brand new one with brand new equipment and everything. Looking for people to play with and enjoy. I can't stand the whole fake accent thing people do when they play so if you are one please don't do it xD I want to play. I am...