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  1. H

    Any Tips on How to Do 'On The Fly' Commentary While Recording Gameplay?

    Hello YT Talk! HONGSHI here with a question about RECORDING COMMENTARY while playing games. Can anyone here give me some tips and pointers on how I can practice talking about what I'm doing while playing video games? Muselk is a wonderful example of what I'm trying to STRIVE for. My issue is...
  2. Zaki Family Playlab

    How to get more views?

    Hi, I have doing a research on how to get my videos view but most of the time I get fail. Do you have any method please?
  3. Sk Jony

    How to Add A Link In Your Video Description

    Someone said that, Add link in your video description. Then you got lot of views, not only this it chance to build huge subscriber network. Is it true or how it work.

    I've tried everything and am still not seeing sufficient growth.

    Hello there! My name is Dean and i am one half of GigabyteMusic. Our channel consists of Music, Vlogs and challenges with each video relating back to our niche (Music). We have been releasing a video Daily with the exception of a single day here and there. We have researched an abundance of...
  5. Jadsey

    Honest Channel Feedback/Review

    Hello guys! I have been making videos for quite a while now, and I was wondering if any of you guys could give me some honest feedback? What can I do better, and things like that. Here's my YouTube channel: Jad$ey (and if you like my content, then please be sure to SUBSCRIBE!) Thank you guys...