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  1. The Happy Gamer

    PHILIP DEFRANCO | Responding to Comments #2

    I can't stop moving my hands! Thank you for all your wonderful comments!
  2. The Happy Gamer

    TODAY IS MY 30TH BIRTHDAY! | This Day In History

    Today, August 1st, 2017, is my 30th birthday! I thought it would be cool to get on Google and look at what happened on this day in history!
  3. The Happy Gamer


    Thank you guys so much for a great year! We've had so many memorable moments and I am overwhelmed with joy! You all are the best fans any YouTuber could ask for and I owe it all to you! Tell me what your favorite month was in the comment section. Mine was September! I'm looking forward to all...
  4. The Happy Gamer

    A HOLLY STALIN CHRISTMAS | Calm Down, Stalin #5

    Calm Down, Stalin is back with a new holiday update! Hope you enjoy the video and have a very merry Christmas!
  5. The Happy Gamer

    THE NEXT PICASSO | Quick, Draw! #1

    Quick, Draw! is so much fun! Why am I just now playing this?! The only problem is that Alexa won't let me finish!
  6. The Happy Gamer

    SMARTER THAN BEFORE | Hello Neighbor #6

    Our neighbor is so much smarter than he used to be! This is going to be tough!
  7. The Happy Gamer


    Raft is a game about surviving deadly shark attacks and build a mega-raft! This game could be something awesome!
  8. The Happy Gamer

    MEET TOM | Reading Your Comments #10

    Hi, my naweme is Tom. Happy wkon't be readil'ng your comqrments today. I wiall. You bhettier enjoey it. Or I will hoof you in thewe fabce.
  9. The Happy Gamer

    THE CHICKEN MAN...MAN | Totally Accurate Battle Simulator #4

    Long live the Chicken Man Man!
  10. The Happy Gamer

    RUN, MARIO, RUN! | Super Mario Run

    Super Mario Run is finally here and it's so much fun!
  11. The Happy Gamer

    WORLD'S WORST ASSASSIN | Cheatin' Hitman

    I'd rather not kill, so I'll take a pic instead!
  12. The Happy Gamer

    THE CHICKEN MAN REIGNETH | Totally Accurate Battle Simulator #3

    Long may the Chicken Man reign!
  13. The Happy Gamer

    QUITTING MY DAY JOB | Bomb Squad Academy

    I never thought about being on the Bomb Squad when I grew up, but now I'm interested!
  14. The Happy Gamer

    Where YouTube Will Be In 5 Years

    I have a theory about where YouTube will be in 5 years. I've disabled monetization for this video in the hopes of reaching more. Hopefully it informs and encourages you! Good luck out there!
  15. The Happy Gamer

    SWEET VICTORY | Super Mario Maker - Super Expert #7

    Can I beat one course?!?!
  16. The Happy Gamer

    MYSTICAL POWERS | Goat Simulator #6

    I got mystical powers! You want some?
  17. The Happy Gamer

    I'M SO GOOD AT THIS (CLICKBAIT) | Totally Accurate Battle Simulator #2

    My T.A.B.S. skills are off the chain!
  18. The Happy Gamer

    THE UNSUB GLITCH | Happy Hour

    Unboxing a Loot Gaming and talking about changes to YouTube in today's Happy Hour! I would love to know what you think about what is going on with YouTube!
  19. The Happy Gamer

    BOMB DOT | Funniest Moments So Far #14

    Another great Funniest Moments montage for the enjoyment of your beautiful soul!
  20. The Happy Gamer

    AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN | Super Mario Maker - Super Expert #6

    How many times must I fail?!
  21. The Happy Gamer

    SECRETS IN THE BASEMENT | Hello Neighbor #5

    We made it into the basement in Hello Neighbor! Now let's see what we find...
  22. The Happy Gamer

    TOTALLY ACCURATE DONALD TRUMP SIMULATOR | Totally Accurate Battle Simulator #1

    I'm finally getting around to playing Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and Trump is rocking some rifles!
  23. The Happy Gamer

    I LIKE PURPLE TRUCKS | Goat Simulator #5

    I liek purple truhcks. Gimme all them purple truhcks.
  24. The Happy Gamer

    MAJOR NOOB FACE | Super Mario Maker - Super Expert #5

    I'm changing the name of the channel to Major Noob Face.
  25. The Happy Gamer

    REVENGE IS SWEET | Winds of Revenge #2

    My dumb boss is going to get it!
  26. The Happy Gamer

    WELL, HELLO THERE | Hello Neighbor #4

    Hello, Neighbor just got ANOTHER update and it is a blast!
  27. The Happy Gamer

    THE POWER OF GOAT COMPELS YOU! | Goat Simulator #4

    Get out of her, demon! The power of goat compels you!
  28. The Happy Gamer

    PAPER CUT | Winds of Revenge

    I gots my paper airplane soaring on the Winds of Revenge!
  29. The Happy Gamer

    ONE MORE TRY | Super Mario Maker - Super Expert #4

    Let's give it one more try! Okay...maybe two.
  30. The Happy Gamer

    ANGRY RUSSIAN HAS BUM CANCER | Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator #3

    Some of the best insults so far are in this episode of Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator!