1. OndaWire

    Who Won? Sony vs Harman/Kardon Test

    These Bluetooth portable speakers are well known in the tech industry. Today's review we have Harman/Kardon Onyx Studio 3 Bluetooth portable wireless speaker vs The Sony SRS-XB20 Bluetooth portable wireless speakers. *Also, I in now way, promote or own the copyrights to the music/song being...
  2. OndaWire

    New Technology? Magnetic Bluetooth Headphones Review

    WOW! I tested them and they work!!! These are super cool!
  3. The Unwanted Letter

    Frame rates vs higher texture quality

    I've been wondering this question for a while and wanted to see which option is more worth it in terms of visual eye stimulation, having low or medium texture quality in exchange for high frame rates, or high, ultra texture quality with console like frame rates 30 and so one, for reference using...
  4. AMX Gaming

    Impossible! - The Mental Age Test

    Hello everybody today i take the mental age test, will i turn out to be a big kid or a kid at heart, the result may surprise you Thank You For Watching, Have A Very Nice Day
  5. Testing Your Neurons

    Feedback needed on my latest video quiz!

    I'd like to know if you have any difficulty seeing the text and if the background images are too bright or not enough.. Thanks!
  6. Testing Your Neurons

    Feedback on my Video Quiz on Youtube!

    I'd like some feedback on my latest video.. a quiz on YouTube. I'd like to know if you can see the text without needing to force your eyes, if the text takes too long to change or anything else I can improve! Thanks in advance!
  7. Testing Your Neurons

    Feedback needed on my Video Quiz Channel!

    I make video quizzes on lots of stuff such as sports, video games, TV shows, and much more! I would like to have some feedback, if ever my quizzes are too easy/difficult or if something is missing in my videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLXJcCkA7XYjT7eGWaiz2Pg Thanks in advance!
  8. Testing Your Neurons

    Is my Pokemon GO Quiz Difficult Enough?

    I made a quiz on Pokémon GO and I would like to have your feedback to know if the quiz is too difficult.. or too easy!
  9. Testing Your Neurons

    Is my quiz too difficult? - I need your feedback!

    I have made a quiz of Game of Thrones and I am wondering if some of you guys could try it to tell me if it is too difficult for people! Thanks in advance! Testing Your Neurons
  10. javacentral

    Took a challenge to find the worst store brand coffees I could find

  11. Wonderboy Gaming

    Gaming Microphone Test - HYPER X CLOUD, AT BPHS1, SHURE SM7B

    I recently did a gaming microphone review/comparison video on a couple headsets and a studio microphone. Check it out and let me know what you think? What recording setup do you use?
  12. Whatwillhappenif?

    Coca Cola vs Pepsi-Sugar Test (Speedy)

  13. Whatwillhappenif?

    Nokia Coca cola test | Will it survive? (Speedy)

  14. TheReviewDiary

    We would love your opinions on our new channel!

    HELLO! We have both started up a channel a few months ago, and it seems to be going well. Although we would love some feedback ! Thanks so much!
  15. FraYoshi

    Osu! [Live]

    Trying a live playing Osu! ^^ https://gaming.youtube.com/c/YoshiffoChan/live
  16. Travi5


    So, I recently I made a different template to use in Vegas to upload to Youtube 1080p 30fps. When I rendered out my video I was shocked how quickly it completed compared to my older .mp4 and .avi templates. this saved me hours per video and I am not exaggerating. Quality was never effected in...
  17. Moses Minchuk

    Content or Quality?

    If you see my latest video would it be considered more of content or quality? I can't tell. Please tell me what I can do to improve as well. Thanks for you time.
  18. ZombieBrain

    Star Wars Battlefront Beta | Performance Test On Ultra Settings

    Star Wars Battlefront open beta performance test on GTX970. Resolution: 1080p with VSync On. All settings set to highest possible (ultra). Frames per second measured using MSI Afterburner with RivaTuner stats overlay. Video recorded in 1080p 60fps with NVIDIA Shadowplay. Tested on: i7-4790k @4...