1. Spaceshipcontrol

    Please help me, review my channel.

    Hello, I started my YT channel last year with a few german videos, but cancelled that and restarted in December 2015, with english videos. I make somewhat unconventional comedy videos, and I have a preference for making videos that have an intentionally nonsensical plot just for the lulz, as...
  2. JU2TIN

    Channel & Video Feedback

    Okay, so my videos aren't impressing in the slightest. Some people find them funny, however others do not. I'm just looking to see if my terrible and unoriginal "content" actually gets people to chuckle. Check my playlists, there are some unlisted videos in there. I can take all forms of...
  3. S

    oh my I did terrible didn't I? | ROCKET LEAGUE

    So yeah I made another Rocket League video, and I did very poorly in this one. Check it out and tell me what you think.! bump