1. ZactheRipper

    Issues syncing audio and video FCPX

    Hey everyone I have used final cut pro x for sometime now and know about synchronizing clips based on audio. Lately however I have been editing facecam, game play, and separate audio files for both, to make a single video... I end up spending more time trying to line up the audio than editing...
  2. CavemanApocalypse

    The Closest and Best Way To Sync AUDIO

    The BIGGEST FEAR of Editing (At Least For Me) Hello everyone! So if you're reading this, I'm guessing that you are having problems with syncing your audio up with your video. Well, if that's the case, then you're reading to right article! I used to have the problem with syncing my audio and...
  3. Klaustronix

    Help with audio/video syncing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

    So I record my microphone with Audacity, and record my gameplay, game audio, and microphone with Nvidia Shadowplay as well. I record my microphone in Shadowplay as well for better syncing, but I need some help in this. So after I adjust the microphone audio with my Shadowplay microphone audio...
  4. Noah Richardson

    Services Free Intros!

    I have done VFX and GFX for a few months now and have gotten the hang of it. I now do free sync and 2d intros, although sync intros are my specialty. I can also do simple Minecraft animations if needed. Email me at if you need something. Please try to include a name...
  5. Janzen

    (PS4) OBS + Audacity ≠ Synced audio

    Start PS4 + Game Start recording with OBS (Push 2 Talk) Start recording with Audacity Loudly say "MARK" to mark a point to sync Audacity with OBS in vegas. Falls out of sync gradually. Why?
  6. AuthorFilms Studios

    Epic Youtube Intro

    I think I did pretty well on this one. Does anyone have any feedback on how to make it even better?
  7. FanoBelmont

    Elgato Video-Audio Sync Problems

    Hey guys, can someone help me with this issue? I am recording PS4 footage through an Elgato HD60 capture card. It had been working great until last night after recording Soma (awesome game!) when I put the footage on Premiere, I notice the game video and audio were out of sync and it got...
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