1. HomeBrewHobby

    Approaching local business for Collaboration

    OK, so a bit of history, I literally just started a Beer HomeBrewing channel, I've got about 9 videos over 3 weeks and another 6 scheduled till the end if the month. I happened to know that a new HomeBrew store has opened in my area within the last few weeks so I took a chance and emailed the...
  2. YungShawarma

    Gaming Black ops 3 zombies or multiplayer collab or just friends ??

    Just looking for some people to play black op3 with on xbox one. You can be 2 years old or 90 i dont really care as long as we have some fun. I have 96 subs and i make some funny videos on my channel (imo) but yeah, hit me up on here or on my youtube if you would like to be apart or if you just...
  3. Ikstuarpok

    Gaming Looking to Start Multi-person Gaming Channel/Podcast

    VIDEO GAMES. AM I RIGHT? Of course I am. I'm ALWAYS right* So what does that mean, for you guys? Well... It means it's time to play video games so that other people can enjoy them, and talk about them so others can enjoy conversations regarding them! And how do we do that? MAGIC YOUTUBE! Yes...