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  1. Gawain Johnson

    Gaming Trying to start a gaming channel and also gaming group

    Whats up, im Gawain and recently ive been getting back into the idea of gaming on youtube again. I had that idea a long time ago and its constantly on my mind but one thing always stops me. I dont have many friends to game with and i know i could just do single player stuff but ive always cared...
  2. SmokeySpace

    GNOME RITUAL CIRCLE! Miscreated Funny Moments!

    GNOME RITUAL CIRCLE! Miscreated Funny Moments! In this video a lot of crazy stuff happens inside the world of Miscreated! I've been wanted to do a video on Miscreated for a long time because a lot of exiting and funny stuff happens but they can definitely take a lot more work!
  3. Pierre Maynard

    OMG THIS GAME IS CREEPY! - Daylight Horror gameplay - part 1

    HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! Welcome to my first ever Gaming Horror series, Hope you enjoy this video! Sit back relax and enjoy the ride of Horror :D @Selim Keles @G-Man @Vicboss @JayPlaysOfficial @Dig @Wight Space @Metis Television
  4. AMX Gaming

    What The Heck Is This? | Helium #1

    Welcome to a brand new game called Helium, a group of outer space explorers discovered a strange signal coming from planet Gliese 86b. After entering the orbit the sensors have spotted the signal source - it was an artifact of an unknown nature and origin. The captain decided to land and...
  5. AMX Gaming

    The Wendigo Gameplay - It's Here

    The Wendigo is a new indie horror game and it's terrifying! Never turn you back on the wendigo or else...
  6. chrispcgaming


  7. chrispcgaming

    7 DAYS TO DIE (#16) ► 8 CITY SEED

  8. chrispcgaming


  9. AMX Gaming

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent Gameplay | Off With His Head

    We start this amnesia the dark descent gameplay with a surprise, an intense chase as well as trying to make the tonic needed to free aggrippa, sadly the way we free him is not what i was expecting, we have to cut his head? ok than, off with his head Thank You For Watching this gameplay...
  10. AMX Gaming

    Stay Close | A Walk In The Park (game play, let's play)

    In this stay close indie horror game play, we take on the scary park once again, i get the crap scared out of me quite a few times but we finally conquer this scary place...but what awaits is only tougher as we get closer to what happened to this place About Stay Close: Stay Close is an...
  11. AMX Gaming

    Latest Amnesia: The Dark Descent Gameplay

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent, in this gameplay we begin to see what is truly goin on, we realize that there is more to this place that expected, we find what looks like an underground city or something like hell, we meet a man that is still alive and needs our help in order to be freed from the...
  12. DivideAndConquer

    Savage Lands | Part 2 | WTH WAS THAT!

    Savage Lands | Part 2 | WTH WAS THAT! Savage Lands is a challenging fantasy survival game that encourages cooperative play. Conquer an ominous and vast open world where every decision counts: explore unique landscapes, fight vicious creatures, gather necessary resources, build protective...
  13. Rallex

    Gaming 7 Days To Die Series! (Xbox One)

    I've been doing this series for a while and it's getting better each episode! Would love to get more viewers on the series because in my mind it's been very well so far! :) My Channel -> Rallex Would like to hear feedback :)
  14. CorporalKilljoy

    New to YouTube, need suggestions. Emily wants to play or Tomb Raider

    Like title says; new to youtube and need opinions. I'm a Marine veteran, 27 years old and getting a late start. So I've already recorded games, just need to edit them. But what would you guys like to see a play through of, Emily wants to play or the new tomb Raider series?Also here's a link to...
  15. Winger94

    A new adventure under several seas in Subnautica!

    And in the end I decided to play this game and I think is pretty beautiful, despite i'm not so good at this type of games (so don't expect spectacular performances xD). I hope you will like the video ( I know there will be some small fps drops but I couldn't remove them!) If you want to give me...
  16. Owlins

    The Flame in the Flood | Rafting the Rapid River Ride

    And my first face cam appearance!
  17. Shehzad

    Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Fire - Survivalist

    It's one year after the collapse of civilization and self-centered hedge fund manager Joe Wheeler emerges from his specially constructed bunker in search of food. This is a huge open-world RPG where you have the freedom to play how you want - but your choices have consequences.