Gaming Trying to start a gaming channel and also gaming group

Whats up, im Gawain and recently ive been getting back into the idea of gaming on youtube again. I had that idea a long time ago and its constantly on my mind but one thing always stops me. I dont have many friends to game with and i know i could just do single player stuff but ive always cared more for videos done with friends since to me those vids have a better vibe. Im currently 21 and ive been wanting to do youtube and have been an on and off youtubers since i was like 14. I was looking for some people around my age who might also be starting out like me and also are looking for people with free schedules or schedules where they can game and record for a while. Im cool even if you can only game and record for a couple hours also. Im looking for people who have that old mindset thats like lets have a gaming group where eventually we can have a gaming house and game and record/stream all day. If youre interested in this post and want to learn more about it then feel free to msg me on Discord TheMrDynamite#9163.