1. buzzcuts

    Every Animated Superman Movie Ever Made!

    I also updated my 'Every Animated Batman Movie' video with a couple additional titles.
  2. Trae

    Theme Feedback and other questions!

    Hey everyone! I 'm not new to youtube BUT this channel I'm focusing on is. Its basically a Marvel/DC breakdown channel. ANYWAYS could you all give me feedback on the channel as a whole. I'm talking themes, color schemes, video content, all that good stuff. ANY feedback (positive/negative) is...
  3. KaziproductionsHD

    Top 10 Batman Moments From Justice League

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    Top 10 Emotional Moments From Justice League

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  5. KaziproductionsHD

    Top 10 Suicide Squad Moments

    Yup you read that right, this video is about Top 10 Suicide Squad moments and what better time than to watch it now as the movie releases tomorrow. Please let me know your thoughts, like the video and if you watch the video please do let me know. Thanks Again please let me know if you watch...
  6. KaziproductionsHD

    Please show my video some love , Top 10 Superman PUNCHES

  7. KaziproductionsHD

    Top 10 Batman & Superman Moments From Justice League

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  8. j12stones

    DC Comics Horsemen of APOCALYPSE!!!

  9. WeegieMovies

    Disney PAYING Critics!?

    Over the last wee while, Disney have been getting accused of paying off critics to trumpet their movies, especially Marvel ones, and actively negate other rival studios' franchises, such as Batman vs Superman and the upcoming X - Men: Apocalypse. In this video, I discuss these allegations, and...
  10. j12stones

    Top 5 Superhero RIVALRIES!!

  11. ComicDj

    Other Comic Book Channel seeking Collab!

    Hello everyone, I am seeking another comic book/ super hero channel to collab with. I currently had 439 subs and I am looking to collab with another channel with 300 + subs. I have extremely high energy and I would like to collab with something with a similar passion as myself. If you cover...
  12. j12stones

    The BEST Cancelled Superhero Movies!!!

  13. Kirgle

    deleted video : copyright problem

    Edit::: Whoops.... To much copyright infringement :hot::hot::hot: