1. AM2PM

    Farting Girl Superhero - Capt Beans Ep 1: Farts Hurt

  2. KillSscope

    Other Looking for a team of dedicated Individuals to help manage the Superhero Based Content On My Channel

    Looking for a team of dedicated individuals to help me with creating original and unique superhero based content. My channel consists of: TV Show and Movie Reviews, Superhero Video Game Concepts, Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe discussions, Occasional, Anime and Manga News...
  3. J

    Voice Acting Voice acting work for a Batman animation!

  4. j12stones

    DC Comics Horsemen of APOCALYPSE!!!

  5. j12stones

    Top 5 Superhero RIVALRIES!!

  6. T

    Superheroes IRL (in real life) are the new get rich-quick scheme on Youtube ?

    Since a few months ago I've seen some weird videos trending in some countries with people dressing in Siderman, Elsa and other of the Disney or Marvel characters and pretending to play some scenes. At first I didn't pay attention to them because I just thought that are 2 or 3 channels dedicated...
  7. j12stones

    The BEST Cancelled Superhero Movies!!!

  8. j12stones

    Captain America: Civil War (Pewdiepie Edition) Parody