suicide squad

  1. LooneyLad

    Going shopping as Harley Quinn! (Suicide squad)

    I was requested by a follower on my tumblr to go shopping dressed up as Harley Quinn! :tongue: Enjoy it people... everyone was staring and talking about me in the store, hahaha!
  2. KaziproductionsHD

    Top 10 Batman Moments From Justice League

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  3. KaziproductionsHD

    Top 10 Emotional Moments From Justice League

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  4. thisisshari

    Gangster Squad - Gangsta - OMG

    so.. I am in LOVE with Kehlani's song from the SUicide Squad soundtrack.. And I literally recorded the aong all day long and recorded the video at 1am - 3am and edited until 7am I was literally up for 24 hours!! Lolol... Here is my cover if you'd like to take a gander!
  5. WeegieMovies

    Suicide Squad - SPOILER FREE Review

    Hey guys! Are you excited about Suicide Squad? Are you like me and maybe a bit in love with Margot Robbie? Then you might want to check out my review for DC's Suicide Squad. It seems to have split people right down the middle, so which camp am I in? I'd appreciate your thoughts :) Lee
  6. KaziproductionsHD

    Top 10 Amanda Waller Moments

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  7. KaziproductionsHD

    Top 10 Suicide Squad Moments

    Yup you read that right, this video is about Top 10 Suicide Squad moments and what better time than to watch it now as the movie releases tomorrow. Please let me know your thoughts, like the video and if you watch the video please do let me know. Thanks Again please let me know if you watch...