1. ThriftyAV

    Impressions: Search vs Suggested

    For the past 2.75 years, I've been growing my channel primarily off "search". 45.7% of my traffic is from YouTube Search with 22.4% being external, dominated by Google Search. Only 18.7% of my traffic comes from "suggested". As much as I enjoy making videos related to key search terms, I...
  2. RankdTV

    One video blew up, what can I do to maximize the traffic?

    Hello everyone, First of, I would like to thank everyone here for all the tips and strategy that have been shared with me. I can honestly say that where I am now is due to a lot of hard work and the help of fellow youtubers on here. So here is what happened, one of my videos were suddenly...
  3. I

    Does having more dislike affect the suggested video traffic?

    I see someone at quora said that if a video have more dislike than likes (example 100 LIKE - 200 DISLIKE, more than 1:1 ratio), then that video will stop getting suggested to other youtube videos. In term of youtube search, the dislike is not having any effect, because I often see videos that...
  4. Lucy81272892

    Suggested vs Browse

    Hi everyone! OK was hoping someone can shed some light....what exactly is the Browse feature for channels and which is more important as far as algorithm goes, which percentage should be higher....Suggested or Browse.....or both
  5. Stearmans Toy Review

    Videos being suggested then they drop off. Help?

    Hey YTers! So, I have noticed lately that a lot of my videos are being suggested by the top tubers in my category. Like Ryan's Toyreview & ToyCollector, etc. But after seeing the actual analytics, they are viewed once or twice and that's it.. I think the most I seen was 10. Any idea why? Am I...
  6. N

    75% of my views come from Facebook

    Hi guys 75% of my views (6000ish) come from Facebook, as I do write a lot of posts in various groups, how can I increase the rest my views?? I have no negative feedback and people say that the content is great... I don't understand :-( Thank you!
  7. Scapestrato

    Got out of Fullscreen contract and lost tons of views from suggested videos

    So, after I left FS and put my own adsense on one of my channel, I lost the first four suggested videos spots on the right that usually are always populated with my own channel vids (and in my experience those four spots are always reserved to videos from your own channel). My guess is that...