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Hello everyone,

First of, I would like to thank everyone here for all the tips and strategy that have been shared with me. I can honestly say that where I am now is due to a lot of hard work and the help of fellow youtubers on here.

So here is what happened, one of my videos were suddenly suggested and my views went from 100 a day to 20000 a day. Now, my total views are almost at 200,000. My subscribers also spiked, I went from 20 subscribers to over 700. All of this happened within 2 weeks. Now I did a part 2 to the video that blew up, therefore, it is transferring some views there but I cannot get the viewers to watch the other videos.

My questions are:

1) How can I take advantage of the traffic and possibly transfer the traffic on one video to the rest. How can I get my video to naturally suggest my own videos rather than another?

2) How can I capitalize on this?
I have a few ideas
---- a) Write an ebook (but how)
---- b) Selling merchandise[DOUBLEPOST=1496434855,1496434512][/DOUBLEPOST]youtube.com/c/rankd
yooo that's awesome! I'd suggest to produce a ton of content to release as soon as you can!! Don't worry so much about promoting your older videos. Start riding the wave while Youtube sees that your metrics are shot up.

YouTube algorithm rewards your newer released videos based on the success of the last so the best time to upload is immediately after one of your videos blows up.

Other than that, to answer your questions about spreading the views, make sure you have some endscreens set up to redirect traffic.

Disclaimer: don't mess too much with the videos that are performing well as this could screw up your videos views. Rule of thumb, when a video is doing good, don't touch it!
Thank you! :)[DOUBLEPOST=1496442273,1496439941][/DOUBLEPOST]@Obsurdity
Thank you so much, your input really helps!
I will get to the end screens and such since they aren't really the best!