1. earnwithronny

    Strategies to promote you tube channel

    Hello everyone! I have been doing youtube for years, ( as a side , just for fun) I am inspired by all the famous youtubers rice gum, vitaly, and other successful youtubers. Recently i have been taking it more serious (2.5k views) I currently have a channel dedicated to ways to make money online...
  2. Raid MusicHD

    I am in 50 Subs

    Hi everyone, Finally I reached 50 subs with 3.5 K views. I am lucky that there are few people like my content. I hope I can get 100 subs before new year :) now #roadto100subs
  3. J

    Need an Honest Review on my channel

    I need people to give me an honest review on my channel :thumbsup2: A 13yr old youtuber I upload gaming videos everyday
  4. P

    New Channel Seeking Advice

    Hey guys! I'm somewhat new to YouTube, and I'm looking for some tips to grow my channel, and hopefully some friends to gain too. Any tips that you guys could offer would be great, and I hope to work with you guys! Have a great day/night!
  5. iVariety

    Inactive Subscribers + View Count Share!

    Hello All! I've recently noticed that 99% of my views on my channel comes from non-subscribers as well as I only average about 30-40 views a video. I currently have about 400 subscribers, but I was wondering why my spread of views is so high. Is there anyway to fix this share of views and...
  6. KiddoWave

    I challenge you all to get a thousand subscribers within a month!

    I challenge you all to get a thousand subscribers within a month! [Edited by Staff] It's better if it's fun and will keep you motivated! Can't wait to see how many subscribers you all will get! [Edited by Staff] Good Luck! Keep me updated! This is a challenge/test