sub milestone

  1. Lina Suzy

    Yes Finally Reached Subscriber Threshold

    I wanted to say Thanks to all my Yttalk Forum Family for supporting me! It's a great pleasure to be here with you and Reached 1k Subscription! I need to find a way to rank my videos! is there any idea you may share with us.!
  2. AllVisuals4U

    200 subscribers!

    I just hit 200 subscribers today!! Very slowly, but it's there:)
  3. Savannahs Toy Box HD

    One year Anniversary and still hanging on.

    Hi Friends Time to get the cake and blow out that single candle. :mstickle: We have made our one year anniversary. 260 subscribers, 8894 views and 257.5 hours. We never thought it possible to achieve all this within a year. Thanks to everyone that helped us get this far. :dance: BIG THUMBS UP...
  4. AllVisuals4U

    100 subscribers!

    I finally got there! Took me about a year..
  5. Keg Man

    Over 60 subs and 3000 total views!

    Just a little bit delayed but i recently hit both 60 subs and 3400 views! Put a rather large smile on my face tbh! One of my videos accounts for over 700 views too! The follow up episode had a rather large 500 people drop off but my computer is really struggling so the video recording quality is...
  6. Sk Jony

    1K Subscriber Goal Reach

    After all my channel was able to reach 1000 subscriber in this month. I started my channel 3 years ago and now I gain 1000. I heard that if any channel get at least 1000 subscriber they got some special features from YouTube like live stream, find funding and more features. Thanks to all and...
  7. olimueller

    50 subs and 1000 views! YAY!

    After reloading my channel and putting in some efford now i got 54 subscribers now and over 1000 views. YAY!!! I will definetly push that in the future. Have a nice day!
  8. shanesmaineshop

    500 subscribers Finaly

    I just hit 500 what a great feeling. it took a long time I hope the next 500 come a lot faster thank you to all of my current and future subscribers. I really appreciate all of you. Thanks shanesmaineshop
  9. SaNe Clan

    200 Subscribers!!!

    We finally did it, Us the people of SaNe Clan have finally hit 200 Subscribers! After a long journey of figuring out what to do (and what not to do) has now paid off! Thanks yttalk for everything. -SaNe Visions (Clan Leader)
  10. KantoGaming

    400 subs!!

    I just reached 400 subs this morning! I've had a rough patch on my channel because I wasn't able to upload for like a month due to moving to a different city. But I've been back and now I've reached 400 subs (:
  11. InTheJungle

    Hit 100 Subscribers yesterday!

    Hi guys! this will be my first post on this site. :) The title pretty much says it all, I hit 100 subscribers yesterday, currently on 107 :D This means so much to me, I recently lost my job and I've been feeling down about it, when I was 15 my father passed away, I started dropping out of...