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  1. Rachel Berry

    Did Anyone Else Take a Hit?

    NO, this is not a post about taking a hit of a joint. But god knows it'd be more interesting if that was the topic matter. As of yesterday, I had 138 subscribers. However, last night, apparently YouTube did a "dead subscriber scrub" and eliminated a lot of subs from some accounts- including...
  2. AuthorFilms Studios

    MAJOR YouTube bugs and glitches! [HELP]

    I've been a bit inactive on my youtube channel over the past few weeks. YouTube has not been letting me upload videos and it crashes, bugs out and freezes, and my After Effects would not render. I've been unable to change my channel banner and profile image as I'm trying to finally updating it...
  3. RancyGaming

    Gaming 300+ YouTuber To Help Eachother!

    Hi! So I'm Going To Do Something With YouTubers With Over 300 Subscribers! I Want To Add Them To My Subbox! Now This Isn't Really A Collab You Were Expecting But It Will Help Us Out! If You Have 300 Subscribers Comment Below! YOU HAVE TO PUT ME IN YOUR SUB BOX FIRST! My Channel Is Rancy
  4. A and M Treehouse

    Other Sub Box Exchange

    Does anyone want to put us in their sub box and we will put you in our sub box. We prefer like minded channels. This is so we both can get something out of it. Maybe get some of each others traffic. We are a kids based channel, something like a family vlog. We do a variety of things, like...