1. J

    My brand NEW channel is live

    Hi there ! I'vre created my first YT channel and i'm superglad to share it with you guys ! It's all about statistics and interesting facts from any topics that you guys could enjoy ! Please take a look and tell me what y'all think about it ...
  2. GregRawinski

    100 subs & 1800 views!!! Happy days!

    I know I know it's only 100 no big deal but it is a small milestone for me. Just couple of stats if anyone is interested: - Recorded and published 13 videos so far - 1897 total views - 2885 minutes watch time - 12 comments - 47 likes - not even $1.50 earned lol ;)
  3. SeanFace101

    What time period to you monitor over in your YouTube Analytics?

    When you are looking at your videos performances in your YouTube Analytics areas, what time do you you look at them over? :P Mine is set on the last 7 days, it used to be set to show the last 30 days. :P What is best?
  4. SeanFace101

    Is Watch Time, Retention, etc.. still count when not viewing window?

    If someone is watching one of my videos then half way through the video they open up a new tab or window in their browser and my video is still playing in the background or minimized but they aren't actually watching it or able to see it.. Does YouTube count to point wen they open a new browser...
  5. SeanFace101

    Does Deleting A Video Remove Its Stats From Overall Stats?

    If I delete one of my videos off my channel that has lets say 500 views, will that number of views be taken of my channels overall views statistic? I'm wondering if it stays in the overall stats even if the video has been removed as the channel has still achieved them even tho the video is gone?