1. adityatomar15

    Vlog Spain Vlog - Barcelona, Valencia, Ibiza (8mins)

  2. Tiwalayo


    Hello, I'm a British Nigerian, and I have been living in Germany for just over a year. I speak French, and I'm currently learning German. I'm looking at making YouTube friends as well as building longterm friendships. My channel theme is mostly about Hair & Beauty, Travel Lifestyle & Culture...
  3. hollyandbart

    Vlog We're in Palma de Mallorca Spain, looking to meet up with fellow YouTubers :)

    Hey guys!! We're hoping to connect with some fellow YouTubers if you either live on, or plan on coming to Palma de Mallorca, Spain :) I know this island gets 12M visitors per year so there must be some planning on coming here? Maybe? Kinda? Sorta? We have a vlog that we want to do some...
  4. D

    My trip to Lanzarote! Jetski's, Mopeds and Paragliding!

    So I went on holiday with the family and my girlfriend and I thought it would be a great chance to vlog some cool things like jetski's, mopeds and paragliding! Here's the link to the playlist, if you enjoy them please be sure to leave a like and a comment...
  5. j12stones

    Vaccine War: Ep 01 | Let's do Indie!!!

  6. isaacdmann

    Meet Up/Gathering Any English Youtubers?

    HEY! :D Im isaac, im a new british youtuber living in Spain and would love to collab! Id also like to set up a group chat somewhere with an diverse group of friends to all improve together an have fun along the way! If anyone is interested please message :)
  7. Selim Keles

    eurovision 2016 spain my top 6

    My Top 6 songs of Spains National Final winner goes on to compete in the #eurovision 2016 @G-Man @Jawad Soomro
  8. A lot Betta

    Comedy In Hamburg for a week, ready for some pranks

    Hey guys, I will be in Hamburg from the 25th until the 30th of October. I am native German but live in Spain. I have some cool prank ideas, would just need someone to record me, all content would belong to you, don't have my own channel yet. Post a reply if you are interested. Thanks!
  9. MrAjripley

    Meet Up/Gathering Any Youtubers living in Spain?

    Hey there, So I've just moved to Spain for 10 months and wanted to know if there was anyone of her living in Spain? Wanted to know if theres any meet-ups or youtube stuff to get involved with why I'm here? Im located in Alicante in Spain :)