social experiment

  1. Quertier

    A Rusty Englishman. My idea for entertaining Rust episode

    hello everyone, hope you're all well and the creativity keeps coming. I have an idea for an episode or possible series, for the game Rust... Now for all of you who may not have heard of rust or played it, just know that the game can be very difficult due to it solely multiplayer gameplay and it...
  2. Chris Daniels

    "The Isolation Experiment" - A Short Film I've Been Working On For 5 Months

    Hello to anyone reading this at the moment. So over the last 5 months I've been putting all my spare waking hours into a little short film project. I've been making shorts around the same length for years now, but this new one took the gold for longest length project I've made yet. It was a...
  3. TaheezyTv

    Ferrari Gold Digger Prank! (Hilarious road rage)

    I'm relatively new to Youtube I would say. I have been making Youtube for about 3-4 months, I really enjoy it. I just hope to make entertaining pranks and social experiments that will make someone smile or laugh. Check it out, let me know what you think. There will be plenty more where that...
  4. dumbotv

    Awkward Crying Situations - Crying In Public Prank

    In this crying in public prank, I'm testing the reactions of people in awkward crying situations. Will they help me? Find out in this awkward crying prank. Enjoy this crying in public social experiment, more pranks will follow!
  5. dumbotv

    Borat Prank Gone Wrong!

    This is my first prank on youtube. How to pick up girls in borat mankini? At the end we had to stop the footage or we got beaten... Thanks for watching!
  6. dumbotv

    Borat Prank Gone Wrong - Dumbo TV

    Borat Prank Gone Wrong: Watch the footgage of this social experiment where I'm (trying) to pick-up girls in Borat Mankini. This 'How to pick up girls prank' is extremely fun to watch and me and my cameraman (OX CHANNEL) risked our lives in the streets of Brussels (almost ending up in a fight)...