1. MAGnify

    Gaming Looking for an active YouTuber!

    Hey guys my name is Mike, i'm a 17 year old that has just gotten back into doing small recordings and such now that I have a great PC setup, reliable internet and finally a really nice headset aswell. I am currently just above 200 subscribers since I was never active. I'm looking at trying to...
  2. marlinward

    Gaming Any Smite players out there

    So i have a small circle of friends that I play with but i would like to find someone to record games with, my friends are either way too inappropriate or don't want to be recorded. Its not about being good either its about having fun, at least funny for the viewer.
  3. ZavNation

    The great race in Smite (Mario Karts technically)

    Hey there! Just wanted to showcase to you guys about the new custom game mode that Smite has implemented into their game. It's basically just Mario Karts, but with the smite characters lol. It's still extremely fun though so if you have not tried it out yet, go ahead and do so. You won't regret...
  4. Joshua Latreille

    Gaming I need a Smite collab on ps4 within the next hour

    just message me on PS4 @S0912014 and we can start so i can givreyou the details
  5. xomegaxz

    My First Commentary! And Smite 100$ skin - Smite Joust Gameplay (Anubis)

    Here it is, my first commentary! I wasn't really planning to do one since I'm not fluent in English but I've decided to give it a go. The skin cost me about 100 dollars to get it through all the odyssey points. Hope you guys forgive me if I sound cringy or awkward or just mainly having a hard...
  6. xomegaxz

    Smite RANKED Duel!

    Today's a bit different than usual, it's a ranked duel where i used apollo. Hope you guys enjoy
  7. xomegaxz

    DOUBLE Godlike FAIL! - Smite Gameplay

    Here's a camazotz gameplay where my team and I almost got a double godlike!
  8. Gods of Odds

    Smite Lore: Poseidon Ep.2

    This explains all the lore behind Poseidon in Smite and all the difference between the in game Poseidon to the actual mythological Poseidon:
  9. Gods of Odds

    Smite lore series: How the war began

    This is how the war between the gods in Smite began:
  10. E

    Gaming Looking for a person to do a collab on smite(ps4)

    You can just add me on ps4 at Martial_God_Enx, I mostly play smite and Battleborn. You can get further details if you add me and create a party using the ps4. Preferably I would like someone who is around the age of 15 (doesn't really matter) and active. Must have a mic. My YouTube channel...
  11. IanTheGamer

    Gaming Smite Friends

    Hey! I'm a dude who likes to play smite and I'm looking for others who would wish to join me. Requirements - Age 14 or 15 and Smite Lvl 30. Me and a few others talk in discord so if you're interested you'll want to download it. Look forward to playing!
  12. J

    Gaming SMITE PC

    Hi, my name is John and I play SMITE. If you don't know what SMITE is, it's a MOBA just like League of Legends and Dota, but the twist is is that it's third person! And it's the characters aren't called Champions, rather Gods; as they are based off of mythical people like Zeus and Hades! I...
  13. X


    Hey Guys, Im A 14 Year Old Youtuber, I Haven't Uploaded Much And Now Want To Get Back Into It I Play On The PC And PS4 If You Want To Collab Plz Add Me On Skype! - xXHydro345Xx I Play PC: CSGO Smite Overwatch Minecraft(Aint Good But Eh xD) Dead By Daylight Gmod Cod WAW (Cuz zombiessssss) PS4...
  14. Simplisick

    My channel, livestreams galore.
  15. MinZenReiClar

    Gaming Looking For a PC collab

    I have a VERY small channel just as a forewarning. Looking for someone 16+ who can play anyone of these games: -Minecraft -Magicite -Brawlhalla -Roguelands -CS:GO -Smite -G-mod -Hero siege -The Hidden -Just Cause 2...
  16. Ocean Does Youtube

    Gaming Smite Funny Moments Collab | PC

    im looking for a youtuber that i will be able to record and play smite with. any sub count. the person should be open to comedic acting or skits. (see my latest video for an idea of what i mean) open to new ideas and i hope to get in touch with some one soon the best way to contact me is...
  17. Phi5tymcNutz

    Gaming Looking for SMITE team

    I'm looking to collab with people who are into SMITE. I would rather you be at least level 20. But if you don't I have a lower level account. If you are interested please message me and we can talk about it. I won't be playing conquest because I don't enjoy playing the mode.
  18. Mr Ola

    Gaming Looking for PC gamer

    yo im a fairly new gamer and youtber i play CSGO Smite MKX and minecraft im looking for over 14 year olds hit me up i have 14 subs and any help would be appreciatted soooooooooooooo HHHIIIIITTTTT MMMMMEEEE UUUUPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!