1. B

    Music Looking for singer that sounds like Marvin Gaye

    I'm looking for a singer that sounds like Marvin Gaye to sing over one of my slower beats. If you are interested, contact me by email at
  2. F

    Help- Sudden Slow Channel Growth?

    Hi, everyone. I have a growing channel that recently hit 400,000 subscribers and then the growth seemed to totally stagnate and I just can't seem to figure it out, and I don't know how concerned I should be. I have months of "massive" growth followed by major slows. Throwing some analytics your...
  3. ClassicShinner

    Why is my channel growing slow?

    What do I need to do to improve my channel as a whole so I could get noticed by a lot of people. I upload almost everyday and nothing if you guys could give me some feedback that would be very much appreciated! Youtube channel: Much love!
  4. Moses Minchuk

    How to ACTUALLY START Youtube for Lazy people

    Before I actually get into this I want to introduce myself. My name is Moses I am also a youtuber specifically a tech tuber. I have a channel called OutputTech. I have posted a couple videos but now lets get into it! Now a lot of people out there are lazy, just like me. So most people want, and...