1. N

    New Episodes Coming

    What's up everyone!!! We are super excited about our next 2 upcoming episodes! You're going to love what we have in store. We're showing you New York & Singapore like you've never seen before!!! #newyork #singapore #NoPlansLetsTravel #WeGiveYouThe #The NeverLands
  2. Jay R.

    Singapore Content Creators?

    Hi there! Any youtube content creators from Singapore here? If you are I'd like to know: 1) What is your channel about? I'm doing Photoshop tutorials. 2) How long have you started doing youtube videos? I just started not long ago. 3) How's your journey so far? Not bad! I can teach my...
  3. ElitePotato

    Gaming Happy to be collaborating with people on PC

    I have an interest in PC games and therefore, I'm happy to do a collaboration with people who share the same interest. Just be yourself and we can amuse each other :) I mostly do free PC games cause we got a whole 'not allowed to spend money on virtual stuff' thing going on at my place. Filming...
  4. Evalee Lin

    Vlog Collaboration in Taiwan, Taipei

    Hello everyone! I will be in Taiwan, Taipei from 1st December 2016 - 26th January 2017 ! Should you be interested to collaborate do feel free to drop me a message or email! Email: Cheers! Evalee Lin

    Beauty/Makeup New Channel Beauty Collab

    Hello! I am looking for beauty youtubers to collab with. I stay in Singapore which I realise may not be near anyone on this site haha. If there are any beauty youtubers based in Singapore, I'd love to collaborate with you! :) But since that is highly unlikely, long distance collaboration works...