1. GucciCarry

    Shout Out Sunday #1 (HOW TO GAIN SUBSCRIBERS) [Totally Not Clickbait]

    Most Shout Out series have requirements, this one doesn't. You probably clicked this video thinking I am going to require you to do a whole bunch of things to earn subscribers, well thats not the case. The only requirement is to have good quality content. Heres how this series is going to work...
  2. TTC

    Shoutout Series!

    Hey guys, On my channel I have been doing a shoutout series (Currently done 9 so far!) My link on yt talk doe3snt work just type in TTCPRO1 and it should come up (TC: 400Subs!) CONTACT ME ON TWITTER: Vein_TC There is no requirements to enter :)
  3. Roux Harbour

    BIRTHDAY ShoutOuts!^^

    Hia, I'm Roux, Nice To "Meet" You!^^ LOL Anyways, I Was Thinking About Potentially Doing Birthday.ShoutOuts In Future Videos Of Mine, What Do Y'all Think? :) Any Takers? ^^ Any Birthday-Girls/Boys Out There Want Some Extra Attention On Their Birthday? :happy: Let Me Know!^^