1. Forrz

    Gaming BO2 and Other Games Collab?

    I have very few subscribers and am working on my first video, a CoD BO2 Commentary, and I want to record with other people. I play on Xbox 360 and my G-Tag is ForrzPlayz. I will also play other games, like Gmod, Friday 13th, Shellshock, and other games. If interested in a collab, I have a...
  2. S

    Gaming Wanting to collab w/ someone

    Hey! I want to play games such as Minecraft, Shellshock Live, and BTD Battles. Below are my contacts: Email: Twitter: Channel:
  3. pvptanker

    Gaming Gaming Collab Partner

    Hello, I am looking for a collaboration partner! I am 14 and I don't curse and I mostly play minecraft and other games on my channel. Must be in Eastern Standard time. 13 or above More than 100 subscribers Good quality mic Does not curse Uploaded more than 25 videos. Here is the list of the...
  4. Tuttiman

    Gaming Looking for a gaming partner to do a shellshock series and much more on PC.

    I'm looking for guys or girls who uses a PC and would like to have a partner to record with. Not Squad but partner. where we can go do 1v1 against each others for challenges and s**t. I'm 15 from the UK, so I would prefer anyone who can cope with my timezone. I have 273 subs. Criteria is that...
  5. Zaeehh

    MOLEHILLS | Shellshock Live 1v1

    Test your luck. Well with my luck everything good happens.
  6. Zaeehh

    WORST PLAYER WON'T HIT | Shellshock Live

    My other channel is nothing special but here it is.
  7. DreaM_HD

    Gaming PC YouTube Squad!

    Hello everyone! I'm DreaM or Lewis and I'm looking for some cool people to play games with on PC. I live in the UK and am 16 years old. My channel is DreaM HD, in case the link at the bottom doesn't work, search it. If you guys want to join just leave your YouTube channel link down below and...