1. Paranoia_Origins

    Need PS4 SHAREfactory suggestions? Come on innnn... check it out!

    Hey whats up ps4 users, today I wanted to make a forum post just to give some information I feel you guys should know, if you don't already know! Now first here is a lot of questions people ask a lot! "How do I import Music/Videos/Images into SHAREfactory?" I will try my best to explain it all...
  2. B

    Good (but free) encoding/editing software?

    I make unlisted video game review videos for my website. Currently, I'm taking advantage of my PS4's capture card and SHAREfactory to edit them. But I really want to be able to get into doing PC video game videos. Now I know of Fraps as a free encoder, used it before. But I could never figure...