series collaboration

  1. The Humble JuanB

    Other New Show Idea! Co Host?

    I have an idea specifically for a show id like to do with another person, its called...Prequel, Sequel or Reboot. we pick a favorite movie put the 3 possibilities in a hat and randomly choose one, then explain what we would do with the franchise depending on the choice from the hat! pretty neat...
  2. M

    Gaming Looking For a Team of 5!

    I am a small youtuber that would like to do a series, I'm looking for five people with all the following thing... 1. This series will be on Minecraft for the Xbox 360 2. You need a Gold membership (obviously) 3. You need a microphone 4. You need two be between the ages 10-15 also this is a...
  3. Millie

    Beauty/Makeup Ipsy subscriber wanted for series collab

    I'm wanting to start a series within my channel dealing with Ipsy glam bag subscribers. It'll be a "battle of glam bags" or something. Looking for 1 person to commit to this series every month for this. Basically it'swhere we open and show/review these products and the viewers decide whose it...
  4. Gamestons


    hello everyone I am doing a fifa 16 series called fifa vs you which I basically play vs other youtubers and my subs (ps4 only) if you would like to play a match against me talk to me on twitter @gamestons1
  5. Gamestons

    Gaming NEW FIFA 16 SERIES (PS4 ONLY)

    Hello everyone :D I am doing a new series on fifa 16 (PS4 ONLY) which is called fifa vs you... I am giving you the opportunity to play against me on fifa :) if you would like to play and record tell me on twitter @gamestons1 and thank you
  6. Sarah Kellysen

    Writing /Creating A Drag Queen Comedy Youtube Show Looking For Cast & Crew

    Dear Youtube Community, I am Sarah a drag queen myself who is wanting to create a youtube comedy show about these three drag queens in their 20s that live together in the gaybourhood's of California and go out into the world as everyday drag queens experiencing life. This is a show to show the...
  7. Carlyle Dodd Animations

    Animation Need help for animated series

    I am an animator and I like to think I am fairly decent at it. I just never have time to make anything because school and work. I am wanting someone to help me with animating it along with helping write and voice act but mainly animating. I have no definite plan but I do have a few ideas so what...