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    Gaming Looking for Video Gaming Content ( Videos )

    Hi All, I am new member and still not have revealed on who I am, but hopefully soon! lol, new to the boards :). I am one of the co-founders of Ad Tech & Video Content Distribution company, headquartered in New York. We are in the process of creating our own OTT video content channels in the...

    YouTube to IGTV video conversion review/feedback request.

    I converted one of my old YouTube videos to an IGTV video as an experiment. This was tricky because my videos are all in 16:9 and I had to make them 9:16 to be compliant for the upload. Since IGTV is not as saturated as YouTube currently I am hoping to have a chance of connecting with a fresh...
  3. Anjim

    Sonic the Hedgehog Games 1- 3 (Mega Drive) Live Stream

    Happy 25th Anniversary Sonic
  4. BossKnight

    The Pagemaster - The Classic Nerd - Episode 9

    The Classic Nerd reviews The Pagemaster to figure out why this game was ever made!
  5. Trevgauntlet

    Road Rash Parody Video

    This is my first video that I put some work into. It was made in almost a month, Adobe Premiere Elements was the program and I am still getting used to it. I am aware that I need to work on the audio but is there anything else you'd like to add? Don't go easy on me too, I can handle criticism...