san diego

  1. Frankie95


    Hey! My name is Faisal and my channel name is FrankobizTV. I'm looking for people who live, eat, breathe youtube in San Diego area. I'd prefer if you were 18-25 years of age(I'm 22). I was hoping, if we were to start collabing, to grind like never before. What I'm looking to do is challenges...
  2. Jukes of Hazard

    Vlog San Diego Collab

    I just started my channel a month ago and I think it would be awesome to collab with someone in a similar field. Let me know if you are interested :)
  3. The Nerd Encounter

    Comedy Anyone Want to Do A Nerd Related Sketch Comedy Group in San Diego/LA

    Hey all, haven't posted much here, but we are "The Nerd Encounter" and we have almost 22,000 Facebook fans! We want to create some Nerd Sketches. Something like Smosh did originally with Pokemon and continue to do of course. Simple Stuff but funny and effective! We are located in the San...
  4. Rocky


    i just hit my first 100 views and wow it feels amazing even though it seems little I look at that as an accomplishment and hopefully I could make it even with my subscribers ! Push harder guys because I believe dreams do come true !
  5. FamilyToyReview

    Comic Con for Kids

    Hello Everyone. We went to comic con and made a video for our kids toy channel about it. This was our first time going to comic con and there was just way too much to capture in a video. There were a lot of toys and fun people.
  6. RomanCastro

    Kayak Fishing San Diego Bay (Underwater View) Vlog#76

    Had an awesome Kayak Bass Fishing session yesterday. Check it out if you are into kayak fishing.
  7. RomanCastro

    San Diego Fishing: Mission Jetty with Shimano Chronarch 150 ci4+: ROMAN CASTRO VLOG #75

    A super short 4th of July fishing session
  8. RomanCastro

    San Diego Family Fun with Kids: ROMAN CASTRO VLOG #73

    San Diego Family Fun. Fishing, Matching Game, UTC Mall, Eureka! Burgers, and Slone's Luxury Ice Cream
  9. RomanCastro

    Vlog Anyone for a San Diego Outdoors (Spearfishing, Fishing, or Other) Colab

    Hi all, I'm looking for any San Diego Fishing or Spearfishing channels out there to do a collaboration with. I'm also open to kayaking, sailing, and any other fun outdoor activity. If you have an idea we can work on I'm all ears. Thanks for checking out this post!
  10. RomanCastro

    Just Hit 100 Subs on my San Diego Based Daily Vlog

    Hi all! I hit 100 subs on my Daily Vlog Channel. I'm 74 vlog entries into it. Any advice on how to improve would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you YTTalkers!
  11. RomanCastro

    Game of (foam) Swords! & We Hit 100 Subs!!: ROMAN CASTRO VLOG #72

    We hit 100 Subscrbers and Game of (foam) Swords!: ROMAN CASTRO VLOG #72
  12. RomanCastro

    Weekend Kayak Fishing Trip out of San Diego (vlog)

    My first fully comped trip thanks to vlogging and podcasting. Stoked :thumbsup2: Thanks for checking this out YTTalkers!