1. TeeDottie1

    Kinda bummed out :( plz help

    Well, we lost most of our viewers.. went through hard times, and decided to come back.. we have several new videos.. that are amazing yet nobody watches them. It sucks.. Nobody even comments on my forums when I ask for advice... maybe i should just give up.. I got 0 support man, the subscribers...
  2. DTay Chaos

    I Was Shot At 14 Yrs Old (Not Clickbait) | Story Time

    My channel isnt usually this sad, most of the times its just funs & games but i felt like this was a story i should tell hope you enjoy subscribe
  3. Mr Danny

    Goodbye, Room...

    Not to be confused with that great movie "Room", which I honestly enjoyed quite a lot. Very thought-provoking. Go watch it. But before that, watch this completely unrelated video! It's better than being locked in a small room for years, that's for sure!
  4. darkstarmedia

    OSCAR | A Film For Katharina

    Last month, a friend and I were invited up to Cornwall to capture some final moments between our friend Katharina and her dog, Oscar - who is dying. He was diagnosed with a terminal illness in late 2015, so I put this video together in his honour. I hope you'll enjoy watching it as much as I...
  5. GrgakGames

    I'm so sorry

    I'm doing a Q&A since everyone is doing it Also since the whole 400 subs and Christmas coming along. So ask me anything. It could be about my channel or about me Or it could be stupid I don't care. Okay
  6. Danny.K

    Vlog I'd seriously rather be dead

    Ughh "sigh" I've been struggling with a family dilemma for the past 5 years and it's has honestly finally gotten the best of me. I'm at the point where I'm throwing in the towel and can no longer even try to remain positive :/ I say this here because I have absolutely no one to talk to or anyone...