1. Onyx Arcane

    Onyx has hit 10!!!...... ...

    Onyx...... has hit 10... Onyx is new to the tube but Onyx is faceless. Is that the reason why Onyx is growing slowly? Why can Onyx acquire these subscriber steroids?
  2. Jimmajabba


    My newest video on how the windwaker's outset island is awesome has just come out! It took me bloody ages to edit this thing, but i try to go in depth and be funny and all that jazz Give it a watch if you have the time and feedback is appreciated as always! Have a great day guys, stay classy...
  3. ForeverPPL

    Love to get some feedback on video and hosting style.

    Hey everyone! I'm a snack reviewer and try to make my videos dynamic and entertaining. Love to hear what you think about my latest video and get any input on where you think I can improve. Was this entertaining to you? This episode, we review snack from Buc-ee's the largest convenience store...
  4. wabz

    Other Niche Anime Reviewer in New York Looking to Make New Friends

    Hi Everyone, WabinoSabi here! I’m looking to meet or collab with fellow anime reviewers/ Japanese Culture enthusiasts. I post reviews of kind of darker stuff (Inside Mari manga, Aku no Hana manga, Recently did a Perfect Blue movie review) and I’m also into psychological thrillers. Don’t get me...
  5. S

    Reviewing Channel's of any type!

    Hi I wanted to have a go at reviewing channel's, i have over a year of YouTube experience and am learning all the time! I have a lot of spare time lol so i would be happy to review anyone's channel! Make sure you have an active link down for your channel and i'll review it in 24 hours!
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