review feedback

  1. Brandt Prescott

    Feedback on my latest video?

    Hey, what do you all think of my latest video? Looking for some feedback. It's a short, lighthearted video about Valentine's Day and modern dating.
  2. Pierre Maynard

    Need a Channel review for 2017

    Helle everyone! So i have been on Youtube for a few years now, and my channel has changed for the better! :D I do Gaming videos, music videos, Spanish videos, Cover songs, Vlogs, and spectacular events! But i just need some reviews and opinions on what i could change on my channel, what i...
  3. Paranoia O Rigins

    Requesting a review on my YouTube channel Please?!

    I would SERIOUSLY! like a review over my YouTube Channel's branding/banner/logo designs is good/bad, my channel's navigation/tags, rather the thumbnails I use is good/great or very bad, if my upload frequency is bad or good, if the lengths of my videos too short or too long, etc. Pretty much...
  4. Naybor

    Wanting honest opinions on my channel!

    Hey guys, Naybor here! I've been doing Youtube for about a month now and loving every minute of it! I was wondering if I could get a review on the over all feel of the channel? Do the thumbnails catch your interest? Is the content entertaining? Is uploading twice a week effective (with the...
  5. Rolz

    Battle for Namek | Dragon ball Xenoverse 2

    Hi guys, In the latest video of my dragon ball XV2 playlist I take on the mighty Frieza, I hope you enjoy and any feedback is welcome :) If you do enjoy it then subscribe for more! Help me reach 100 subs :help: Let me know where you like to spend your attribute points!
  6. Rolz

    Latest video review

    Hi guys, I just released my 3rd Dragon ball XV2 video (pretty much me doing a playthrough - I run a gaming/tech/vlogging channel) and would like to get your opinion on the quality of my voice/speech so that I may improve on it. What I mean by that is anything along the lines of, am I...
  7. W

    Feedback Please. Challenge video.

    I need some feedback on my challenge video. Is the audio good? Is the video quality good? Most important is the content good? Thank you and have a nice day.
  8. DuncanT

    REVIEW: Channel feedback!

    Hey guys, So I've been away for a couple of weeks dealing with personal things because it eventually became too hard to juggle YouTube and a fulltime internship. That's why I'm going to start creating again in 2017. That's also why I thought it might be a good reason to ask for feedback from...