1. CA_Media

    Services CA Media - Channel Revamps, Logos, Banners & Profiles!

  2. Cimannon


    Heyyalll! Its Cimannon here! I'm a call of duty youtuber who just hit 1k subscribers today and I wanted to get better gfx on my channel. I can use photoshop but half the time I'm not too sure what I'm doing and i end up copying other peoples designs. I need a new and/or improved: -banner...
  3. Z

    Services Graphics Revamps and More

    I just recently started graphic design for youtube. I do not have a portfolio quite yet since I just started, but if your not happy with your logo, you won't have to pay until its at your need or if you don't like it. Email me for prices:
  4. Jstarakajlow

    Should I revamp my channel

    So after all the advice I been getting lately it has me thinking should I revamp my channel change up everything and even tho it's not really starting off as new I want to give my channel a new look and actually stick to something I know will bring in more subbies likes and views I been reading...
  5. TCS

    NEW Channel Graphics and Design! 50k subs REVAMP! FEEDBACK NEEDED

    Hey guys, so since hitting 50k subs i have made some new channel graphics which include outros and a new banner. There has also been a revamp on the thumbnails! The banner has not officially been put on my channel but the outros have! Personally I think they do look nice and clean but thats just...