1. Elderberry

    Davinci Resolve

    Hello everyone, Since recently, I have started to edit my videos with Davinci Resolve and I must it it is a wonderful piece of software. It is easy to learn and renders awesome quality. You should check it out. I used to have trouble editing my videos but now my lastest videos has good...
  2. The Unwanted Letter

    Can a gtx 1050ti run davinci resolve

    Know resolve sucks power off gpu, want to edit at 1080p no advance colour grading, can the 1050ti handle this?
  3. Freshly Finished

    Devinci Resolve

    Hey! I currently use the adobe suite for all my editing, I was wondering if anyone at all on this forum is using Devinci Resolve for color grading and skin isolation, if so, how is your process/workflow? Is it simple to grade a whole video like putting an adjustment layer over the whole thing in...