1. XancoGaming

    How Much Is A Mid Roll Ad Worth? Researching For A Video.

    Hi there! I'm researching for a video I'm making at the moment. I need some help from people who monetise their videos. How much is a mid roll advert worth? Obviously, I'm not asking for details of how much they're worth. Do they work as if it's another impression that'll payout the same as...
  2. Kyle Hedlund

    Looking for Editing Software on a Budget

    I am currently looking for some new editing software since my old one is starting to make videos extremely difficult. I currently have Audacity for audio but I'm looking for some video software that would not make my wallet go completely empty but still functional and easy-to-use. My current...
  3. ProfessionalRik

    Gaming Pro Rik Collab Thread

    *DIRECTOR'S NOTE* I could easily do this myself, I'm more than capable. But I REALLY wanted to work with the community. I REALLY wanted to collaborate, build some friendships, do some networking, add some people to my 'List of Agents', try to build the Pro Rik Empire some more. Welcome! This...
  4. N.R.Walters

    I have a question.

    I am producing a Abstract video and as part of my research I would like you to tell me what word (or words) come to mind when you see each of the following letters. T - R - A I Will be much grateful to here your views and what the letters resemble to you. -Nate