1. A

    YouTube channels are getting removed

    Hi, I help manage about 40 YT channels. Most of them are artists (I have contracts with them and also use a distribution service). Some of them are creators as I also used to offer YT training and also do some optimization(friends and clients). Now, one of the channels got 3 strikes and got...
  2. R

    we have removed your channel from YouTube

    Hi guys, Recently my channel was removed by youtube without any warning. This is very upsetting as no harmful action such as policy violations were associated with my account. What is your advice for regaining access ? I have so many nice playlists there...
  3. P

    Monetization Tab Falsely Disabled From Trying To Link Channel To Active Adsense Account

    To Whom It May Concern: I recently applied for monetization on: channel/UCdw0agXZiKeAH99rgabjZSw During the monetization application process, I attempted to link my channel, channel/UCdw0agXZiKeAH99rgabjZSw, to my existing Adsense account by logging into my existing Adsense account during the...
  4. SeanFace101

    How do i delete a channel?

    How do I remove channel(s)? I have my 1 channel, the only 1 iv ever used, but on my account there is actually 3 channels when I click up at the top right, the other 2 channels I want rid of because all 3 was created around the same time (years ago) and I only ever used the 1. :P
  5. AuthorFilms Studios

    Youtube deleting subscribers?!?

    The youtuber 'NFKRZ' posted a video a couple of hours ago talking about how all youtubers are losing quite a lot of their subscribers every day at 7PM and 3AM every day. He showed this on a few peoples channels, including his own (He lost about 8000 subs in an hour) and even PewDiePie (who lost...