1. Koji Kobura

    Marshmello & Anne-Marie - FRIENDS (MPK Cover) *OFFICIAL FRIENDZONE ANTHEM*

    F.R.I.E.N.D.S cover using FL Studio 12 and MPK Mini
  2. NocturnalGTX

    Black Mesa "The END" or is It ?

    This is the official ending of the remake as of the date this thread was made. Theres still a big chunch of the game missing and thats the Alien Word(XEN). The guys developing this game, keep failing to deliver on that part. Maybe one day but for now "THE END". Amazing remake, it keeps the...
  3. NocturnalGTX

    Black Mesa 15 Part No Hud Cinematic Playtrough

  4. NocturnalGTX

    Black Mesa Part 14 No Hud Cinematic Playtrough

    Sadly the end is approaching fast, until then… enjoy the chaos :devil:
  5. NocturnalGTX

    Black Mesa Part 13 No Hud Cinematic Playtrough

    I’m going to pause the series with this episode until xen comes out. Its short, fun, ends with the number 13 and a big **s Alien chasing you. See you all in 2018 :wavespin::dance::bounce:
  6. NocturnalGTX

    Black Mesa Part 12 No Hud Cinematic Playtrough

    From this point out its all-out war baby :wavespin:, ohh and one of the best scenes in the game is in this part:biggrin:
  7. NocturnalGTX

    Black Mesa Part 10 No Hud Cinematic Playtrough

    This is episode resets the pacing after the Puzzle Nightmare(episode 9), It’s more centered around the aliens. After this it’s all out war between Xen the army and our main protagonist :dance: [
  8. Darren Taylor

    Re-make old videos?

    I would like to get people's thoughts on re-making old videos? I am only a 4 month old YouTuber but even in this short time, my old videos aren't as good from a production and presentation value standpoint. I wouldn't think of re-making a video now, but in the near future, it would definitely...
  9. M

    Channel "intro" video or no?

    Hey everyone :) When I first started my channel (about 2 months ago), I made a 'welcome to my channel' video for new visitors to see. It was a quick 2 minute video in which I introduced myself and talked a bit about the type of videos I'd be uploading. I've gotten better equipment since that...
  10. Kirgle

    Would you remake an old video again?

    Alot of us start out with poor equipment, and poor technique in our first videos. I was thinking the other day how I one of my really old videos could have been so much better with the equipment and experience I have now. Do you have a video you would re-do or have you re shot one already????