1. OfficialxJAC

    New Series: The Not So Reality House

    My cousin and I both were watching Kian & JC's series, The Reality House, and we decided to recreate the series with our friends. We are uploading videos at 3PM CST every Friday and we hope you guys like the videos.
  2. A

    New Channel New Ideas!!!

    Hello guys! Im here to create a discussion about new ideas that people should do about comedy or with skits! Any ideas will be looked at and I myself may recreate them and tag you, your yt or you name! Goodluck and have fun!
  3. Jonatan Moser

    Music Can you create an epic remix of my music?

    Hi there folks :-) I do various kinds of cover songs, that I interpret in my own ways... And I would really love it if anyone would want to try and remix one or two of them! This would mainly be for entertainment, and really just for the fun of it :-) If you are able to make an epic remix, and...