1. C

    Any Suggestions On Making Movie Reaction Videos More Engaging And Clickable?

    Hello people, I've been making a lot of Movie / TV show reactions lately, but the watch time and clickthrough rates on the videos ain't looking that great... I uploaded a video today called 'Critics React To Cruella (3 MAIN PROBLEMS)' And normally I don't do that many edits on the reaction...
  2. KpopIsEternal

    would you rather...

    If you were to watch my channel, would you rather.. reaction videos or watch edited ones with things put together? I've been thinking about this but because I don't have many subscribers it's hard t ask them what type of content they'd like to see. Maybe you can help me :)
  3. Brandon Bee

    Vlog I'm a Vlogger in the Portland, Oregon area

    I'm a Vlogger in the Portland, Oregon area. I am usually around Beaverton and Clackamas, so if you wanna do a collab with me, hit me up. I am a 17 year old looking for some people to make videos with.

    new reaction videos

    wassup everybody check our new page we have started posting reactions
  5. PopsLetsPlay

    Corrupted Video

    How do you guys react when you get done recording, and either the audio, or the video is corrupted? is it like this? *Disclaimer* I love animals
  6. QuestionBoxEntertainment

    Welcome To QuestionBoxEntertainment

    I am new to YouTube and I have made some Videos in the past and i continue to post every week, so be sure to check it out please Thanks
  7. GamesRsux

    CASE: Animatronics - Part 2 - THERE'S MORE THAN ONE?!

    (Part 2) As we continue our attempt to escape the police station we find out that leaving may be easier said than done .... CASE: Animatronics is a truly scary and challenging first-person stealth horror on PC. Control of the police department is in the hands of anonymous hacker. All exits are...
  8. MechaJake

    Nintendo Switch Reaction & MORE!

    Hey Everyone, I was up late last night recording and editing so I could release these three videos today. I did reactions last night to some new Zelda trailers, Red Dead Redemption 2, and the Nintendo Switch! I'll post all 3 of them below! Just so you all know.....I'm just a crazy...
  9. G

    Other Hello Flesh Mortals :P I have started a scary prank/ gaming channel.

    I am interested in collaborating with other like minded fellow youtubers who have the same interest. Be it with gaming, scary stuff, reactions and so on. My channel will primarily focus on scary omegle pranks but with a large back story and lore. I have gotten a decent amount of views sense I...
  10. A

    Can't restore reactions marked as spam

    In some youtube reactions some comments in it get marked as spam. You can restore these comments by marking them as non-spam. That worked for me for a time, but now it says, when I click on the 'spam moderation icon' to restore the comment, that there has an 'error ocurred' and I should try it...
  11. Altairsfriend

    There's a hole there! Dark Souls 3 Part 3 - LetHerPlay

    Hey guys! Here is our newest video in our series. In this one Cora continues into The Undead Settlement. How far will she get? Link:
  12. S.A.D

    51 SUBS!!!!

    And no, I don't mean from Subway. Started this little channel for fellow movie goers and gamers towards the start of March and have gotten 51 subs now. and over 77 videos. It's slow and can be frustration, but each thim that sub counter goes up, it reason to keep going.
  13. JustMonotone

    Watch Some Rogue Legacy Antics!

    Here's my latest Rogue Legacy video. Let me know what you guys think in the comments!
  14. JustMonotone

    Alien: Isolation Let's Play

    Hey guys! My name is JustMonotone and I'm sure you might have seen me on the forums once or twice. I am currently doing an Alien: Isolation Let's Play and would appreciate it if you guys could check out the latest video in the series. Let me know what you think in the comments or in this thread...
  15. BIGtheRED

    MY BACK HURTS!!! - Rainbow Six Siege (Funny Moments)

    All the joys of playing Rainbow Six: Siege summed up in one funny moments compilation! From yours truly, Confidence Crew! ((Caution: Explicit language))
  16. GamesRsux

    WHOSE A GOOD KITTY!? - Five Nights At Candy's - Part 1 - Spooky Game Sunday

    Watch out Freddy Fazbear, there's a new pair of jump scare inducing animatronics in town! Join GamesRsux as he fills the role of night security guard at "Candy's Burgers and Fries" the new restaurant in town - I heard their staff was killer!
  17. PKGrey

    About Them Reactors?

    So, I did this interview with YouTube Reactor Akasan and during the research beforehand I discovered a lot of people, both inside and outside the YouTube community, don't seem to think too highly of reaction videos. I'm personally impartial myself, but the criticism "Reactors don't contribute...
  18. Pierre Maynard


    Hello everyone so this is my first ever gaming video, That i have made and i would just like to know what went well and what could be improved. Also if you could like this video aswell i would much Appreciate it! thanks :D
  19. WilBajamas

    It's Halloween!! My Reactions Montage of SOMA

    Happy Halloween People!! I'm really happy that I'm able to make a Montage of my reactions to SOMA, it really is a scary game. If you guys want some laughs, you can check out the video ENJOY!!!
  20. Absol4Prez

    I Reached 100 Subs!!

    I am really hyped for reaching 100 subs on my channel, I am mainly a pokemon gaming channel. I also do reaction videos, such as hip-hop news, and interesting videos I find on the internet or whatever someone sends me. [Edited By Staff] Thanks for reading my thread, have a nice day!
  21. WilBajamas


    Hey guys, I started playing this horror game about few weeks ago, and I just wanted to share it with you guys!! I've made 3 videos of SOMA playthrough so far, let me know what you guys think or give me any feedbacks on what I should change... Thanks... This is Part 1 of SOMA IS IT REAL...