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  1. S

    Will I be eligible for monetization for a Reaction Channel?

    I react to top 10 and top 5 videos. I do not react to music videos and movie trailer, just other people content that does top 5 and top 10. I think it falls into fair use so it should be fine? I know I have a new channel based on reacting to scary top 5 and 10's and I don't wan't to keep...
  2. BrinoVlogs

    KSI ft Ricegum - Earthquake (Official Music Video) *REACTION*

  3. Brito21

    F*ck the Haters! (Brawadis Fan talking smack)

    Brawadis is a youtuber who reportedly got in a fight with a 16 year old at sneakercon because the dude was talking s**t. I left a comment on Brawadis channel asking what happen and one of his fans went on my channel talking s**t. When i leave comments, I dont leave negativity or talk smack...
  4. Qball

    #CreateCourage - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story REACTION!!

    Hi everyone, I have a great reaction video for you. Don't forget to like and subscribe.
  5. Jonatan Moser

    Music Looking for remixes for my 'contest'

    I am doing somewhat of a 'contest' with deadline on January 15th. Long story short I do covers, mainly acapella/multitrack style. Lately a few people have been asking for clean lead vocal tracks for remixes, so I've decided to do a reaction video of all remixes sent to me before January 15th...
  6. Jonatan Moser

    Would people actually watch this?

    December 13th I covered 'Alone' by Alan Walker acapella/multitrack style. Several DJ's have been asking for a single lead track to make a remix, so I decided to gather all remixes finished before January 15th and record a reaction video for each one, then cut a compilation video of the best ones...
  7. BarbMollyTV

    Wisdom Teeth Surgery Reaction & Life Update

    Damn Molly, back at it again with a new video after almost a year in hiatus! Check out my new video where I react to my wisdom teeth removal video and a little life update!
  8. iamvroom

    Video Review

    Hey, I recently started doing reaction videos and would like feedback on the video below The questions: 1.) Audio Quality and Volume - How good/bad do you think the audio quality is? is the video too loud or too silent? 2.) Pace - Do you think the video moves along swiftly enough to keep...
  9. Jawad Soomro


    Here is the reaction video to Lady Gaga "PERFECT ILLUSION" Enjoy the hilarious reactions.
  10. PenguinOnPoint

    Comedy Collabing and Moving Further out into the YT community

    Hey! I'm currently looking to work on collabs, and make good friends that I can grow with on YT. I don't have many subs yet, but I have confidence in my video quality, and I know I could be a great asset in any collab. My content is reaction and commentary videos, featuring a cute little penguin...
  11. Jawad Soomro


    OMG I love FIFTH HARMONY. I love all of their songs e.g. Miss Movin' On, Sledgehammer, Worth it, Work from home, All in my Head. I decided to make reaction video on THAT'S MY GIRL.
  12. Jawad Soomro


    So today I am going to REACT on Rihanna's song THIS IS WHAT YOU CAME FOR.