1. wolfmxmans

    Vlog Looking to collab with other YouTuber in central London

    I posting a new video today on my channel so feel free to comments and give me suggestion and I will do the same. If you're interested in collaborating please do not hesitate to message me. Thanks.
  2. Courtney Candice

    Reacting to pen pineapple pen parody

  3. Scandinavian Freckles


    Hi everyone !! How are you all doing? I hope the start of your year has been awesome so far. Today I wanted to ask you what you think about something that I really really feel like doing. Ever since I started youtube I have been getting spam, but over the last two months it has been A LOT of...
  4. matharris99


    This is me reacting to old videos from about 5/6 years ago now! If you watch and like what you see give it a thumbs up, subscribe and i'll make it almost like a series where I react to my old videos! If you want other content as well just let me know in the comments! Thank You!
  5. Ballistic

    My reaction video!

  6. thejoelwilliamsphere

    YOUTUBE REVIEW CHANNELS! Good or Bad for the community?

    Recently a few youtube review channels have come to my attention that have experienced an insane amount of growth - im talking 400,000 subs in 4 months! Some of these channels post a 2-5 videos a day, every single day of the week on popular trending topics so its no wonder they receive the...
  7. Becky Keegan

    Reacting To Old Profile Pictures

    So here is this week's video, where I embarrassingly go through images of the early days of me being on Facebook...oh the joy.
  8. NickMD

    Reacting to Kid Ink's new album #SitW

    YOOOO WHAT'S UP PEOPLE :P I just posted this video and hopefully you enjoy this don't forget to subscribe and like !! :wavespin::wavespin: