1. MegaCrasher

    2015 Channel Highlights Featuring: Rage, Funny, Fails And Wins Moments

    NOTE: Sorry about the inconvenience friends, the first time I uploaded the whole montage, the video froze a good 3rd of the duration so I had to re-upload this into 2 parts. Welcome to part 1 of the video that showcases nearly 30 minutes of channel highlights back from MegaMasher to...
  2. MrUnycorn

    Destiny Rage! (Language Warning)

    Check out my new rage video! Now in destiny flavor.
  3. MegaCrasher

    Welcome to MegaCrasher's Community! Woooooooooooooo!

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and Pokemon fans of the world! MegaCrasher is here and for those of you who are new, welcome to the channel! This channel involves a lot of Pokemon, acting/comedy, some fitness and occasionally, other things too. Here's some of what you can find on our...
  4. Blakeusness

    Super Mario Maker - 100 Mario Challenge! (Expert Mode) #10

    Hi everybody! New 100 Mario challenge video out today! check it out here!
  5. Cruzio Caesar

    Trying to spice up rage games with Trump and Nyan Cat.

    One must cover all the senses in order to reach rage enlightenment. Nyan Cat, Donald Trump, and Geometry dash helped me achieve that. check it out
  6. Blakeusness

    Mario Maker - 100 Mario Challenge (Expert mode) #7

    Hello! This is my latest mario maker episode! Hope you enjoy!
  7. T

    Gaming I want a ps4 collab I troll on GTA and COD

    My PSN is olivepj123456 and I troll on ps4 I also want to start doing funny moments, and all that stuff. I have some other friends that do youtube. And I have 250+ subs