q&a video

  1. Courtney Candice


  2. iEpitome

    Going To Be Starting My Own Reading Your Comments Series!

    Hey! Thanks for reading my thread. My name is iEpitome and I am going to be starting my Own Reading Your Comment's series called "Epitome Squad Asks" Check out my channel and let me know if you have any questions you would like to ask! If you do consider, I would be grateful if you liked some...
  3. Courtney Candice

    Stranded Q&A

  4. DTay Chaos

    500 Sub & 100,000 VIEWS Q&A!!!

    Yo! Im doing a Q&A on my channel since i hit 500 subs! Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/dtaychaos ask me questions using the hashtag #ASKDTAY would mean so much to me! ps. if anyone with 500 SUBS+ Is willing to a q&a collab then reply asap thanks!
  5. PickleStar


    Hey, guys! I'm doing a super-duper 1K subscriber special for my channel, and I'm trying to get as many questions as possible! It's going to be up on Tuesday the 29th! Whoever sends in a question, I'll be sure to mention the name of your channel with the question, yo. I appreciate your guys help...
  6. Courtney Candice


  7. Pierre Maynard

    I want to try my first Q&A

    I can't make the Q&A video without your help! So ask me anything you wish :) @G-Man @Selim Keles @Vicboss
  8. Sophie Gerrard-Smith

    Questions for a Q&A??? :)

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum! ^.^ After having an explore of some of the threads today I was wondering if any of you have interesting/fun questions I could answer in a Q&A video? Questions I get left in the comments are often really generic and repetitive and it would be nice to get something...
  9. MagesticDragon

    1,000 Subs Q & A

    Hey, so I've reached 1,000 two months ago. I wanted to make a Q&A, but I didn't have the time to. So finally I have the time do so. If you can submit questions and/or requests to do something (ex: sing...) that'll be awesome and you can be featured on my channel too!
  10. TheGIngerQueen

    150 sub Q&A!

    For my 150 sub special, I want to do a Q&A video. I am 6 subs away from 150, so I figured I should get my questions now. If you send in a question, I'll give you a shout out and add the links to your channel in the description.
  11. LifeWithKristen

    Can you guys please help me out :)

    Hey everyone! For those of you who don’t know I have a Youtube Channel & I would like to film a Q&A video. For those of you that have Twitter could you please tweet me (@ALifeWithK) anything you would like to know about me or anything fun/different to answer?! If you could help me, I will be...
  12. LifeAsJenny

    Be on LifeAsJenny Q&A Video!

    I'm looking to do my first question and answer video! You can leave any question on here if not Facebook, and Twitter. I'll be screen capturing the questions and have them appear on the video with what ever social network you chose to use with the question. I'm looking forward to some awesome...
  13. McKnowItAll

    Doing a Q&A video! Need your questions!:)

    Alright soooo i would love to do a Q&A video butttt there's only one thing i don't have.... that's right i don't have any questions to answer hahah, So that's why i need you guys to ask me some questions! Any questions at all except any really personal questions!:) Thank youuu very much and Have...
  14. Abby Sloan

    Need questions for a Q&A (shoutouts to anyone who asks)

    Hi, I'm trying to do a Q&A so if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments here or on my channel or my tumblr (casual-cacti.tumblr.com)! All people the people who ask questions on my tumblr or youtube will get shoutouts! Thanks so much! Abby
  15. Elissa Jordan

    #AskEllie- I WANT YOUR QUESTIONS! :)

    Hey guys! So, my name is Elissa Jordan and I run a channel called Elissa Jordan (original, I know XD) on YouTube. I started a series called #AskEllie a while back, but I only posted one video in the series, so it's about time I made another one. SO, comment below your questions! :)
  16. Coki Talk


    hey yttalk fams, I am re-posting my thread regarding my future Q&A and/or SHOUT OUT video that soon i will be making. On the last thread i guess it got deleted but its whatever i understand. If any of you guys want to or interested to be posting any Questions to/for me feel free to. you can or...
  17. SemiGodGaming

    How to edit with photoshop CS6

    So i'm kinda stuck because I need to know how to edit image overlays on my videos because i'm planning to make a Q&A video once my channel reaches 100 subscribers but well I don't know how to make it so the video is still playing while the images is just added like on the bottom because it's...