q&a special

  1. snoozyking

    Q&A for my Channel

    Hi guys i just hit 100 subscribers. I would really appreciate it if you guys could give me few questions for a Q&A.
  2. TheRealNishil

    Hilarious Q&A Questions

    Hello everyone! So last year I uploaded a Q&A video which was absolutely insane and cringey. Now I'm back at it again, one year later - for my second annual Q&A! Who knows. At least I know what I'm doing this time! AND this time I decided to troll the YouTube Talks forum (I know, I know. am...
  3. DTay Chaos

    500 Sub & 100,000 VIEWS Q&A!!!

    Yo! Im doing a Q&A on my channel since i hit 500 subs! Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/dtaychaos ask me questions using the hashtag #ASKDTAY would mean so much to me! ps. if anyone with 500 SUBS+ Is willing to a q&a collab then reply asap thanks!