1. Paranoia_Origins

    Gaming LF Consistent PS4 Collabrations With Other YouTubers

    What does my collaboration consists of? I would like to make a collaboration paladins, gta 5, overwatch monster hunter world, destiny 2, and Rainbow Six Seige ( On The PlayStation 4 ) in which we will be trying to create different forms and types of content in the game." What are the...
  2. BigBryanGames

    My first Let's Play! Journey Part 3 (first video post on here)

    I started my first Let's Play on YouTube. :) It's Journey. I'm enjoying the game lots, and commentating is quite fun. :D This post is of Part 3 since it's my first video post on this site, but if you would want or you enjoy this video, feel free to check out the first two parts on my channel. :)...
  3. B

    Gaming Looking for YT group. PS4

    Hello, my channel is TheNerdBalance. I am very good at editing/photoshop so I can help make the group similar themed logos and banners. So about me. I am 14 soon to be 15. I am probably the most mature and calm 14 year old you will ever meet. If you don't believe me then invite me to a party and...
  4. D

    Gaming PS4 collab rainbow six drive and other games.

    Hey, I'm looking for people with all types of YouTube experience to help me grow as a youtuber. I'm 20yrs old and pursuing my passion for commentary. I'm am pretty funny and very good at r6 as well as other games. My psn is DJ_murka_goon or reply to this thread I'm on often. I have a great mic...
  5. Linequalsbox

    Gaming Tom Clancy's The Division

    Hello. Is anyone wanting to do a Tom Clancy's The Division DZ funny moments vid. If so talk up on, and add me on PSN, same name as this. Looking forwards to this. THX
  6. O

    Gaming PS4 Collabs! Read Desc

    Hey I'm Owen I'm a small youtuber, from England looking for collabs or to start a group if we all get along! Games I have: FIFA 16 The Division Destiny Broforce Battlefield Hardline Battlefront I may also be willing to buy more games so we can play together! Message me on these...