ps4 callab

  1. Dawayne West

    Gaming Ps4 or xbox youtubers???

    Hey y'all I was looking to see if anyone wanted to collab potentially for a video I dont really have a requirement on subs or nothing games I play are Xbox: gta v ,mortal kombat x, NBA 2k19 ( my team mainly but willing to play park), fortnite( I dont play often but I'm willin to play ) Ps4...
  2. Mirko

    Gaming Fortnite Challenge Collabs PS4!

    There's no doubt about it that Fortnite challenge videos and Fortnite funny moments are the most successful Fortnite videos! I'm looking for someone to collab with and do challenges that haven't been done before, we need to stand out from the bigger YouTubers, I want to do different and unique...
  3. Paranoia_Origins

    Gaming LF Consistent PS4 Collabrations With Other YouTubers

    What does my collaboration consists of? I would like to make a collaboration paladins, gta 5, overwatch monster hunter world, destiny 2, and Rainbow Six Seige ( On The PlayStation 4 ) in which we will be trying to create different forms and types of content in the game." What are the...
  4. Paranoia_Origins

    Gaming LF PS4 |18+ Collab Recruitment!

    Me and my friend OG_BNETT need 3-4 other youtubers with ps4's to help create more fun, funny, random, any other type of gaming content. LF YouTubers that has and uses a PS4, to collab with me and my friend. What does our collaboration consists of? I would like to make a lot of PS4...
  5. BinoDino

    Gaming looking to callab with ps4 gamers

    hey im looking to callab with ps4 gamers ------------------------------------------------------------------- -fortnite -battlefield 1 -2k18 -Gta -Rainbow 6 siege