1. Nimwit

    Gaming x

  2. AfrikanGoku

    Very Intense Fight Online in Naruto Storm 4

    I had a really intense match @ 9:01. The match was fun until near the end when CyberConnect2 decided to screw me over. Check out the video to see what happened...
  3. AfrikanGoku

    Anyone Else Love the Good Ol' Jak and Daxter Series Like Me? Check this out!

    Hey everyone! Here's a recent video I uploaded to my channel regarding one of my favorite old PS2 games. Just like the Crash Bandicoot remastered trilogy, this game makes me feel very nostalgic and enjoy the feeling of reliving my childhood. Check this video out to see my reactions to playing...
  4. Darthtux

    WHAT AN AMAZING GAME!! | Odin Sphere Leifthrasir PS4 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 | Valkyrie

    It's here! I'm having a blast playing this game!! This game is simply amazing :D If you enjoyed it make sure to let me know and share it with your friends!! Thanks!!! www.scorphq.com/YouTube/MyPage/jtAPCoXgksE.htm
  5. AngelSan368

    Gaming Ps4 Bo3,Gta etc- Comedic Collaboration

    Hey, my youtube channel is AngelSan with 15 subs. My videos are mostly comedic and it'll be cool to find someone at that intrest. I have NO CHILL whatsoever so be prepared. I play on a Ps4 console an tend to play BO3 and Gta but also more games such as Bloodborne. Requirements: -PS4 -Aged 14+...
  6. SensualC4

    Gaming PC/XboxOne/PS4 collaboration?

    To start BoyToyGaming is actually a channel of friends that love to game, but my vision is to have multiple voices populating the videos we post. -Eventually I'd like to have more dedicated members posting content -For now I believe that working with other smaller channels we can grow both of...